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Vision Family: From the beginning to the present

Like every company, the channel TV Vision Norway started out as an idea, which became a reality in 2003. They started producing their own programs, partnered with Christian conferences, and eventually introduced additional channels to the Vision Family such as, TV Vision Sweden and TV Vision Heaven. Now covering about 95-100 percent of household in Norway, the Vision Family is continuing to expand in both operations and languages.

Vision Norway beginnings

TV Visjon Norge (Vision Norway) was established in 2003 by the founder Jan Hanvold. Back then it was just a small group of people working together to build the station from the ground up. The hope for the station was that it would continue to expand operations in various areas of media in order to spread the Word of God throughout Scandinavia. Vision Norway is now one of the main production companies that are contracted for Christian conferences throughout Norway and Sweden. To date, they have become the largest Christian station to broadcast in Norway and cover 95-100 percent of households nationwide.

Expanding operations

Once Vision Norway established their operations in Norway, they expanded their horizon by adding an English and a Swedish channel. The English channel called “TV Vision Heaven” was founded in 2008 and exclusively broadcasts online. Their Swedish channel called “TV Vision Sverige” (Vision Sweden) was founded in 2015 for both satellite and online broadcasting.

However, Vision Norway didn’t stop there. In Sweden there is a growing Arabic and Farsi community that have never heard the Word of God. Since many of them are not proficient in any Scandinavian language or English, the online channels Vision Arabic and Vision Farsi were created. Together these channels air numerous programs that help reach people of various ages and backgrounds.

Kids program to online channel

Starting in 2005, “Barna TV” or Children TV was a thirty-minute program that aired once every week. As Vision Norway grew, so did the children’s program. From thirty minutes once a week, it expanded to twice a week, to a daily program, then finally to an hour program every day. Originally, the children’s program would only air at these times, however, in 2020 Vision Norway created the online “web TV” which has a similar function to the well known platform Netflix. This new online channel is called “Vision Kids” where all the children’s programs can be viewed for free 24/7.


Productions, conferences and equipment

TV Vision Norway produces around three hundred hours of programs in house every month. Some of their main shows broadcasted regularly include the flagship program “Studio Direkte” (Studio Live), “Midt På Dagen” (Middle of the Day), and “Visjon Norge’s Nyheter” (Vision Norway’s News). The rest of the programs produced by Vision Norway range from documentaries, testimonies, conferences, and live productions.

Summer for Vision Norway means less productions at the studio and more traveling around the country for conferences. Throughout the years Vision Norway has worked with several different Christian conferences with various backgrounds and preachers.

Løvhyttefesten, Revival Alliance, and the Maldonado conference are just to name a few. Løvhyttefesten or Feast of Tabernacles is a Jewish festival that Vision Norway broadcasts every year in partnership with International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). The Revival Alliance conference in 2017 was a large event that featured several preachers from around the United States. Lastly, “The Maldonado conference is one of the biggest conferences that Vision Norway has been a part of. This conference required the use of almost all the technical equipment the channel had access to which includes 2 production vans, numerous cameras, lighting equipment and more,” Vision Norway TV Manager Gawdat Mtrious comments.

Future plans

Just recently, Vision Norway introduced yet another channel to the Vision Family. Vision Somalia. Currently, Vision Somalia is only airing online but will hopefully follow suit along with the other channels.

There is always something new in the works at Vision Norway. New programs are in the middle of planning and production stages, conferences are being carefully organized amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, and the English websites for Vision Norway, Sweden, and Heaven are in the middle of a makeover.

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