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Scandinavia's largest Christian TV channel
Vi broadcat 24/7 - all year

TV Vision Norway is the first Scandinavian Christian television channel to send 24/7. Ever since the start of March 24, 2003, we have broadcast our TV signals via satellite to all of Scandinavia.

When you are watching TV Vision Norway, we are concerned with only one thing: the gospel of Jesus for salvation and healing. We show Jesus Christ in word and action 24/7.

In preaching the gospel it is important to stand uncompromisingly for Israel and God's own people, the Jews and a reformed Scandinavian country. We want a Scandinavia where God's Word can once again be the centerpiece of churches, but also in business, politics and culture. This is the essence of what we stand for on TV Vision Norway.

The channel is funded primarily through gift incomes from faithful support partners who share our vision of reaching Norwegians, Swedes and Danes with the good news.

Vision Norway is a company that is constantly growing. We are 60 employees in addition to a large number of volunteers who work with TV, radio, aid, mission, care, Bible school and church activities.



Support us so we can reach Skandinavia 24/7 all year. You save lifes by supporting us.

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